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Tracked Expenses + Net Worth = Mo’ Money

A friend of mine enlightened me to the wonders of about a year after finding Both sites are invaluable resources for simplifying and tracking your finances, which in turn leads to greater savings and wealth., similar to MS Money, links to all of your financial accounts: credit cards, checking, savings and brokerage/investment accounts on one screen. Their single screen snapshot summary makes managing myriad accounts magically simplistic! (How ’bout that alliteration, huh?) The system can also be trained to categorize your transactions so that you only have to do it once. Setting the system up will vary depending on how many accounts you have and how detailed you want to get with your transaction labeling and budgeting, but it’s well worth it. Take 5 minutes to check out:

Now that we’ve covered all components of a balance sheet with income, expenses, assets & liabiities, with, you gain the ability to track your change in net worth over time graphically and with journal entries. When used together with, you have everything you need to watch your finances grow over time.

Good luck!