Crypto Market Monday: Bitcoin Gold & Market Pullback

(Disclosure: I own BCH and USD. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any currency.)

The market is extended. I’ve raised 80% cash and will wait for entry on Dash, Ripple, and Iota at a lower price. If Bitcoin Gold maintains formation, I’ll buy in for an upside breakout.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Set to Breakout

BTG is set to break out. If it breaks higher, we’re looking at a 100% potential bump, from a breakout price of $320 to a target of $650. Conversely, if it breaks lower, this could get ugly.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is breaking formation for a pop or drop of 25%.

Update: BCH regained the trendline and shot upwards on Roger Ver’s YouTube talk.

I love Dash, but it’s too extended to enter. Entry point was last Monday. I’ll wait for a pullback, which we should get some this week.

Ethereum (ETH)
– Weekly: Extended

Iota (IOT) pending breakout from a triangle like the rest. Could break up or down.

Ripple (XRP)
– Stopped out for gains at $0.70
– Seeking Re-entry at $0.55